How to Connect WASender with Digits


Here is how to connect WASender with Digits WhatsApp Gateway. Before you connect it, make sure you have a WASender account and the WordPress Digits Plugin along with the Additional SMS Gateways addon.

Create a New Application in WASender

First, you log in to WASender Gateway (as a user) then create a new application in the My Apps menu. Make sure you have added a device first, if not, follow the guide for adding a new device here.

Second, after you click the My Apps Menu, the Applications page will open. If you have never made an application before, the appearance will be the same as the picture. Now we create a new application by pressing the Create App button.

Third, select the number or sender that you want to use as a message sender later. If you have added more than one number, an option will appear, click Select Number and select the number.

Next, fill in the App Name and Website Link sections according to your website so that later it will be easier for us to differentiate which application we are using with Digits. Click Create Now.

Get WASender’s AppKey and AuthKey

After you create the application, you will see a display like the image. Now you save the information for us to connect with the Digits Plugin.

WhatsApp Gateway URL

AppKey WASender


AuthKey WASender


The next stage is how to connect WASender with Digits.

How to Connect WASender with Digits

Next, we move on to the website that we created with the WordPress CMS platform. Then install the WordPress Digits Plugin along with the Additional SMS Gateways addon.

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Then log in as administrator and open Digits settings.

After the Digits settings page opens, now we click the WhatsApp Gateway menu

WhatsApp Gateway

 Custom WhatsApp Gateway

WhatsApp Gateway URL

HTTP Method


For the WhatsApp Gateway URL, adjust it to the WASender Application that we previously created.

Then we fill in the Gateway Parameters and Sender ID sections. Perlu kita ingat APPKEY pada Parameter kita isi dengan APPKEY yang sebelumnya kita buat, sedangkan Sender ID adalah AUTHKEY yang sebelumnya kita buat juga.

Gateway Parameter

to:{to}, message:{message}, authkey:{sender_id},appkey:4b70c28d-be2c-4d7b-8475-xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sender ID


WhatsApp Message Template

Silahkan isi bebas apa saja tetapi harus ada bagian, Site Name - {NAME}, Domain - {DOMAIN}, OTP - {OTP}

At this stage we have finished connecting WASender to Digits, then we send a test message. If successful, a code message will appear like this image.

Conclusion and Final Words

In essence, if we want to connect WASender with Digits, of course you must first have an account or WASender Gateway and the Digits plugin then connect according to the tutorial. Don’t forget to test it before we use it publicly. Thank you for reading the article How to Connect WASender with Digits.

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